Molly Coy - Artist

At Molly's workshop we discussed her recent collaboration with Claire Bolton - a book called Handscapes.

Claire Bolton has been a letterpress printer for over 40 years producing over 100 editions which are in major libraries throughout the world. 

Molly Coy has a background in teaching art and design, with 15 years as a restoration bookbinder also creating unique, one-off and limited edition books now in both private and public collections.

Their starting point was to integrate text and image. Since the nature of any environment is both ordered and spontaneous it seemed the book form was a metaphor of these natural elements. 

Handscapes is designed in 5 sections, each one reflecting different aspects of the landscapes in the beautiful south-west.

The book won the 2016 City of Busselton Art Award.  Another copy has been purchased by the WA State Library for the WA Heritage Collection.

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