Command A Panda

Command A Panda is a new duo Perth band comprised of Matt Hort (singer, guitar) and Tim Hosken (drums). They emerged seemingly out of no where and have already created a large amount of attention in the local music community.

These two unassuming lads have been performing non-stop since Oct 2016 and, although they would not boast, they have already established a strong following. It is easy to see why, with Matt's powerful, bewildering voice, distorted killer riffs and the belting drums, brutal punk rock is created that is world dominating.

With 5 original songs now mastered, and anther 5 on the way, you can see they are thirsty for more conquering and will stop at nothing, and take no prisoners. It's time to put there name out there by reaching out to radio and websites, such as yourself, to share their story and to show the world how much noise two people can make.